Breast milk AMPs paper out


Our latest paper, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Currie and colleagues at Murdoch University, arising through the Walter Murdoch Distinguished Collaborator Program, is now published in PLoS One, characterising antimicrobial / host defence peptide expression in the human milk and its possible impact of susecptibility to LOS in premature infants:
Trend, S., Strunk, T., Hibbert, J., Kok, C. H., Zhang, G., Doherty, D. A., Richmond, P., Burgner, D., Simmer, K., Davidson, D. J. & Currie, A. J. (2015)

Antimicrobial protein and peptide concentrations and activity in human breast milk consumed by preterm infants at risk of late-onset neonatal sepsis.

PLoS One 10(2):e0117038