Bronchiectasis lipid mediators paper out

Bronchiectasis lipid mediators paper out


New publication from Pallavi Bedi, arising from our collaboration with Adam Hill and Adriano Rossi, is now published in Thorax, demonstrating a dysregulation of lipid mediators in bronchiectasis, with excess proinflammatory lipids, and showing that LXA4 can improve the function of reprogrammed neutrophils.

Bedi, P. et al (2021) Dysregulation of prostaglandins, leukotrienes and lipoxin A 4 in bronchiectasis.

P. Bedi, K. Zielger, P. D. Whitfield, D. J. Davidson, B. J. McHugh, A.G. Rossi, A. T. Hill

Full paper available open access at this link to Thorax