Cathelicidin and Th17 preprint out

Cathelicidin and Th17 preprint out


Our latest paper, from Danielle Minns, together with Emily Gwyer Findlay’s research team, is now out as a pre-print in BioRxiv, freely available.

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This research suggests that the release of cathelicidin by neutrophils is required for maximal Th17 differentiation and IL-17 production by CD4+ T cells, and that this is one method by which early neutrophilia directs subsequent adaptive immune responses.


The neutrophil antimicrobial peptide cathelicidin promotes Th17 differentiation

Minns, D., Smith, K. J., Alessandrini, V., Hardisty, G., Melrose, L., Jackson-Jones, L., MacDonald, A. S., Davidson, D. J., Gwyer Findlay, E.



Davidson lab supported by funding from: Medical Research Council