Amazing Immunology: Denny and the T-team fight cancer: 9 - 12th April 2019

Amazing Immunology: Denny and the T-team fight cancer: 9 - 12th April 2019

Cancer powerfully impacts many lives. New “immunotherapies” for cancer are an exciting treatment development and a very current topic, with lots of recent news coverage. The Festival will provide us with a good opportunity to explain the key roles that the immune system plays in human lives, and how therapies empowering the immune system can be used to fight cancer.

Get active and crafty, with games and stickers that explain how your body’s immune cells protect you from disease and keep you healthy. Play the ball pool challenge to discover how future treatments for cancers might work, and make your own science sticker stories to take home.

This workshop, developed by Donald J. Davidson, Iris Mair, Ross Mills, David Taggart , Marc Vendrell and Julia Dorin (all researchers from the University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research), with funding from the British Society for Immunology,  has the children rotating through linked, creative and active fun activities, which teach basic immunology using cartoons, puppets, 3D puzzles, stickers, and a ball-pool challenge game. Participants will learn how the immune system works to keep us healthy and how recent scientific discoveries are helping in the development of new treatments designed to help fight cancer.

The children will learn about the different connections that make the immune system so fascinating, and will have the opportunity to meet and talk to active medical research scientists.

A photo collage showing CIR members playing Amazing Immunology with children at the science festival.

Suitable for ages 7-13 years.

Book through the Edinburgh International Science Festival

This event may be photographed and/or recorded for promotional or recruitment materials for the University or University approved third parties. 

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