Hsin-Ni Li (PhD graduate)

Hsin-Ni Li (PhD graduate)

Dr Hsin-Ni Li

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PhD Student 2006 – 2010

Primary Supervisor: Dr Donald J. Davidson
Additional Supervisors: Prof. Adriano Rossi, Dr Peter Barlow


Hsin-Ni is a clinician scientist with an undergraduate degree in Medicine from the National Taiwan University. She completed a PhD at the MRC / University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research, with her research focused on the capacity of antimicrobial peptides to induce secondary necrosis in neutrophils and the inflammatory consequences of this process. Her industrious approach was a great bonus in starting up the lab group and we gradually turned her a little bit Scottish, even if she never came to enjoy the lab meeting biscuit and cake-fest! Hsin-Ni is now in specialist training as a Clinical Pathologist in Taiwan.



Updated 1st Feb 2012