Information for the Public

Portrait photograph of Professor Davidson

Information for the Public

Designing and conducting experiments is only half a scientist’s job. It is also vital that we explain the importance and implications of our work and listen to opinions on what is important to the people our research affects.

This “Public engagement” is a key interface between scientists and the communities in which they work. Effective engagement aims to understand the interests and needs of the public and to respond; promoting public understanding of science, helping to influence attitudes towards scientific approaches, ambitions and achievements. It can engender enthusiasm for science and influence development of policy and prioritisation of funding.

Donald with a group of primary school children holding up agar plates of bacteria

P3 class enjoying a “Meet the Bacteria” workshop with Donald J. Davidson

Donald J. Davidson is the Academic Lead for Public Engagement and Communication (PE&C) at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR), Chair of the CIR PE&C Committee and PE Secretary for the British Society for Immunology. Donald is a long-term enthusiastic advocate of good Public Engagement, particularly increasing science capital in children to improve scientific literacy, appreciation of scientific approaches and ethos, and encouraging uptake of science careers.

Here you can find out more about our research, and our public engagement events and resources.

More information about the full Public Engagament programme of the Univeristy of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research is available on the Centre website.