COVID19 Immunology – Immune memory and the coronavirus

To view the whole series of animations developed by Dr Lana Woolford and professor Donald J. Davidson, please visit the British Society for Immunology website

British Society for Immunology website.

Supercytes – free school resources on immunology, infection and inflammation

See the Supercytes website

Donald  J. Davidson discusses his career with Kath Nightingale from the MRC (2016).

Find out about researchers in the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at the Univeristy of Edinburgh, where we study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases (2016).

Denny & the T-Team (2015): A cartoon about dendritic cells and T cells, that forms part of our “Amazing Immunology” activities, together with a puppet show, and 3D puzzle hunt.

Donald  J. Davidson describes his research on the physiological importance and therapeutic potential of host defence peptides in protection against bacterial and viral infections (2014).