Cathelicidins in Labour paper out

Cathelicidins in Labour paper out


Our latest paper, together with Sarah Stock, Jane Norman and Julia Dorin’s research teams, is now out in Scientific Reports, available fully Open Access.

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The research characterises expression of cathelicidin Antimicrobial Host Defence Peptide (HDP) in the female reproductive tract during pregnancy and evaluates its significance in a model of preterm labour. It suggests that cathelicidin has roles in mediating pro-inflammatory responses in a murine model of inflammation-induced labour, and in human term labour.

Cathelicidins and the Onset of Labour.
van Boeckel, S.R. *, Hrabalkova, L. *, Baker, T. *, MacPherson, H., Frew, L., McHugh, B., Wilson, K., Dorin, J. R., Norman, J. E., Davidson, D. J. *, Stock, S. J. * (2019)
* indicates equal contribution / shared authorship

Scientific Reports 2019 ;9(1):7356.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-43766-7

Davidson lab supported by funding from: Medical Research Council