Low density neutrophils paper out

Low density neutrophils paper out


Latest paper from Gareth Hardisty, working with Robert Gray’s research team, is now published in Frontiers in Immunology, freely available.

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This research suggests conclude that increased Low Density Neutrophil (LDN) numbers in disease reflect the specific pathology or inflammatory environment and that neutrophil density alone is inadequate to classify discrete functional populations of neutrophils.

High Purity Isolation of Low Density Neutrophils Casts Doubt on Their Exceptionality in Health and Disease

Hardisty, G. R., LLanwarne, F., Minns, D., Gillan, J. L., Davidson, D. J., Gwyer Findlay, E., Gray R. D.

Front. Immunol., 08 June 2021


Davidson lab supported by funding from: Medical Research Council