MRC Festival of Medical Research 2016

MRC Festival of Medical Research 2016

School visits are part of the inaugural MRC Festival of Medical Research 2016

Donald J. Davidson led a group of researchers from the MRC CIR developing resources and a workshop for the inaugural MRC Festival of Medical Research (18th – 26th June 2016), visiting Liberton High School, Boroughmuir High School, Dunbar Grammar School and East Linton Primary School to trial “Supercytes”  – a new inflammation / immunology schools resource, in advance of future launch. This was constructed around our “Supercytes – the immune cell standoff” game, the development of which was funded by The University of Edinburgh, Wellcome Trust and MRC. The resource incorporates a presentation, short video about the CIR, a series of short, fun immune cell animations, the card game, a quiz, and a competition, complete with teacher’s lesson plan integrated into the Curriculum for Excellence.


Our school visits went exceptionally well, with wonderful and constructive feedback from pupils and teachers. The pupils loved the game, each got a copy of the prototype to keep, and are currently competing to design artwork for the final iteration. We will now enter phase 2 of the development and hope to launch the game and resource later this year.

Thanks to Cathy Hawley, Lisa Kelly, Phoebe Kirkwood,  the classes we visited and everybody else who helped.

Watch the MRC Festival video (Donald’s bit is at ~7.13 in!)…

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