MRC Festival of Medical Research "Supercytes" Immunology Resource - Teacher Training Event

MRC Festival of Medical Research "Supercytes" Immunology Resource - Teacher Training Event

19th June 2019 16:00 – 18:00

Queen’s Medical Research Institute, 47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh BioQuarter, Edinburgh EH16 4TJ

An MRC Festival of Medical Research interactive workshop to introduce our Supercytes resource to teachers for Secondary Science / Biology classes, or Primary 6/7. Developed by a team of medical researchers, led by Donald J. Davidson, at the University of Edinburgh, this is game-based educational pack is designed to introduce immunology, inflammation and infectious disease biology in a lively and entertaining manner.

Supercytes cartoon character and game cards

“Supercytes – the immune cell standoff” is an exciting University of Edinburgh resource for teaching about cells of the immune system in schools.

The resource features an easy, fun, strategic card game; a series of cartoons featuring cell immune characters; a dedicated interactive website; quizzes; a competition; a teaching presentation and lesson plan integrated into the Curriculum for Excellence.

Teachers playing Supercytes

This is a FREE interactive workshop for Primary 6/7 teachers and Secondary school science teachers, to introduce the resource:

  • hands on experience learning to use the Supercytes card games
  • hear our research scientists deliver the immunology and inflammation presentation
  • ask questions about the science
  • all attendees are entitled to apply for a FREE full resource pack (limited to one per school) after the event

Recent teacher testimonials: 

“There was very little need for teacher prep. The pack was comprehensive and easy to use. I will use this resource again next year.”

“I know this will change learning in the classroom.”

“The resources are professional looking and I envisage captivating for students.”

“I really like it. A novel approach to a complex area of Biology.”

“Fun but at the same time educational. Hits numeracy buttons as well.”

“There were multi-level approaches and accessibility for a variety of students of various literacy and numeracy levels.”

“Lots of scope to use creatively in an interdisciplinary topic.”

Pupils playing Supercytes

The Supercytes resource pack:

  • Designed by medical research scientists for use in schools
  • Have fun with Biology and encourage an early interest in science
  • Different formats for students aged 9-18
  • Introduce younger learners to white blood cells and how our bodies fight infection
  • Support older students learning basic immunology and inflammation biology
  • Integrated into the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • Card game “Supercytes: the immune cell standoff” and instructions
  • Animated cartoons featuring engaging immune cell characters
  • Presentation “Introduction to Inflammation and Immunology”
  • Worksheets, quiz and feedback forms
  • Suggested lesson plans

This event is free, but limited to one teacher per school, and places will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis 

Refreshments provided from 16:00

£10 Travel allowance available on attendance

To apply to attend, please visit the website at:

MRC Festival 2019 – Centre for Inflammation Research

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