Pallavi Mandal (PhD student)

Dr Pallavi Mandal

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PhD student

Primary supervisor: Dr Adam Hill
Additional supervisors: Prof Adriano Rossi & Dr Donald Davidson
Start Date: Sept 2013
Funding: Chief Scientist Office


Following training for two years as a Specialty Registrar in Respiratory Medicine, Pallavi received two years funding from the CSO to conduct a double blinded RCT with high dose statins in non cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis. This study is now in the final stages of completion, to be submitted as an MD thesis to the University of Edinburgh by October 2013.
Pallavi’s area of interest is translational research in bronchiectasis, a condition characterized by excessive neutrophilic airways inflammation. She now has PhD funding from the CSO to research the role of Lipoxin A4 in bronchiectasis, with particular reference to failure in resolution of inflammation. She will be developing and utilizing ex vivo models using lung and blood derived cells from a bronchiectatic patient cohort with a view to the development of novel therapeutic strategies.


Updated 27th Aug 2013