Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day event: 12th Nov 2018

Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day event: 12th Nov 2018

World Pneumonia Day is an international celebration.

Pneumonia is the most common cause of childhood death globally. On 12th November 2018, we honour the fight against respiratory infections, and raise awareness about the magnitude of the problem.

The University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research is hosting the Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day Symposium to highlight ongoing research work in Edinburgh and organising a range of fun activities for children and families (including Donald Davidson’s “Supercytes”) to which you are invited, made possible thanks to a British Society for Immunology Communicating Immunology Grant.

For the Symposium see the information on the CIR website linked here

However, you don’t need to be registered to attend the Symposium to come along to the fun events below.  Everyone welcome at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh BioQuarter, 47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 4TJ.

15:00–16:30, Fyffe Room/Mary Kinross room: A range of hands-on activities will be on offer, where you can learn about the role of our body’s bacteria in health and disease and how immune cells work.

Activities include:

  • Count the microbiome candies
  • Where did that bacteria come from?
  • How well did you wash your hands?
  • The strongest ‘army’ for your body
  • Supercytes card game
  • Diagnose Kev!

Images of public engagement events

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16:30–17:00, Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI: Watch a special shortened version of the educational and award-winning professional Fringe musical “The Mould That Changed the World”.

17:30–18:30, Chancellors Building,  Edinburgh BioQuarter: Prof Debby Bogaert (Chair of Paediatric Medicine) will give a public lecture called “Born in a microbial cloud: Gatekeepers of a healthy life.”

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